Low loss, high filter rejection with high channel to channel isolation front ends realized in compact building blocks designed for custom or standard form factors.


  • Single and multichannel configurations
  • High level strong signal survivability
  • Highly integrated and compact converters
  • High dynamic range
  • High degree of frequency selectivity
  • RF threshold and BIT detection
  • High isolation
  • Calibration

 Enabling Technology: 

  • High power limiters
  • Discrete and MMIC amplifiers, switches and limiters
  • Custom designed filters
  • Wideband threshold and BIT detectors
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Custom equalization

 Unique packaging techniques allow for high circuit density, high isolation, excellent thermal management, small size, and low weight. 

 WB Single CH Multi Gain State IMA         Multi Input Multi CH uW mmW IMA

 Wideband Single Channel Multi-Gain State IMA and Multi-Input, Multi-Channel uW/mmW Antenna Interface IMA

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