Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provides high performance, RF microwave exciters and LO generators for state-of-the-art radar applications requiring low phase noise and high spectral purity. Applications range from fixed LO generators to advanced frequency agile synthesizers for active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar system architectures.

  • Low phase noise sources (UHF to Ku-band):  OCXOs, SAW Oscillators, PLLs, etc.
  • Direct or indirect synthesis to Ku-band
  • Coherent frequency generation up to microwave (mmW)
  • Channel to Channel isolations >100dB
  • Fast switching (<200ns)
  • Wideband CHIRP waveform capabilities (Linear FM) - Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
  • Surface mount design capabilities up to Ku-band utilizing multi-layer RF PWBs
  • FPGA based controller cards
  • Air cooling or liquid cooled cold plate options
  • Phase coherency
Enabling Technology:
  • Low phase noise design capability: crystal oscillators, frequency multipliers
  • Advanced filtering techniques for high spectral purity
  • Advanced packaging techniques that offer superior isolation
  • Harsh environment stability
  • multi-layer RF PWB design capabilities up to Ku-band
  • Mixed Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) and SMT capabilities
  • FPGA based control capabilities
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Fully automated test suites


Unique packaging techniques allow for high circuit density, high isolation, excellent thermal management, small size, and low weight.

Rotary Wing Radar Exciter

Airborne Radar (Rotary Wing) Exciter

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