Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' cable assemblies have a clear focus on military and high performance commercial applications as well as a long standing commitment to the space market.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions boasts a completely self-contained operation manufacturing bulk cable and connectors.  The facility has all the necessary equipment on-site to perform cable testing including flexure endurance, abrasion resistance, RF shielding effectiveness and exposure to chemicals and fluids.

Our cable products are known for their excellent electrical performance, proven reliability and overall mechanical strength because these products provide the best cable-to-connection transitions in the industry. Because the cables and connectors are designed and manufactured in a single location, customers receive full cable assemblies tested to their specific requirements.

Our cables range from 0.09-inch (2.3 mm) diameter FZ09, a very flexible cable, to the large 0.92-inch (23 mm) diameter FE92 flexible cables with extremely low insertion loss for special ground-based applications.

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