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Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) - Request Presentation

Power Distribution Modules

We are offering our presentation "Cobham's Approach to Space Power Conversion - Power Distribution Modules" by request.

Cobham's Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) offer the industry's best end-to-end efficiency from the satellite bus (22 - 100V) down to the point of load. The PDMs are a two stage solution that leverage resonant mode control, zero-voltage/zero-current switching, chip on board manufacturing, planar magnetics, proprietary FETs, controllers and drivers to provide greater than 50W of power at 83%+ end-to-end efficiency to your FPGA or ASIC. All of this is accomplished in a very small footprint of ~4in2.

These modules are also radiation hardened to meet 50 krad(Si) TID and SEL immunity up to 80 MeV-cm2/mg.

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"Cobham's Approach to Space Power Conversion - Power Distribution Modules"

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