Cobham ASICs for Medical

Custom ASICs for the Medical Industry for Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging.

Cobham ASICs for Security Screening

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions' ASICs (formerly Aeroflex) has expertise in the Security Screening X-Ray Imaging market segment.

Cobham ASICs for Harsh Environments

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions has the ASIC expertise to benefit the Oil, Gas Mining Markets in High Reliability Electronics and Electronic Detonators.

Cobham ASICs for Space & Satellite

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions offers a variety of Digital and Mixed-Signal RadHard ASICs for your HiRel Space applications.

Cobham ASICs for Military & Aerospace

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions' Mixed Signal, High Voltage and Digital ASICs for demanding HiRel, Military, Industrial and Avionics applications

First Pass Success > Reliability & Design FEMA

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) has a strong expertise in Reliability.


  • Designed-in Reliability
    • Cobham reliability rules by technology
  • Complete Reliability Assessments for each technology for wear out mechanisms
  • Safe Operating Area (SOA) simulations of every cell used in a RadHard Mixed-Signal design guarantee compliance with reliability rules
    • Current Density
    • Hot Carrier
    • TDDB (time-dependent gate oxide breakdown)
  • Design FMEA ensure no single-point failure can cause "unsafe" failure
    • For high availability/safety critical applications: Failure Mode Effects Analysis and Design Mitigation such that no single point failure causes unsafe failure