WLP-1000 Weapons Launcher Positioner is compact, lightweight, military ruggedised and capable of supporting anti-armor missiles and rockets for protection of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and other strategic assets.

The WLP-1000 weapons launcher positioner is a modular 2-axis configuration, optimised for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and incorporates a MIL-Qualified servo control module. The system operates from a 28VDC power source, and communications are through a RS-422 serial interface. The WLP-1000 is designed for operation in MIL-STD-810 environments and is adaptable to a variety of U.S. DoD rocket launchers including: M299 launcher; M310 launcher, M260 launcher, LAU-10 launcher.


The WLP-1000 can be integrated on any ground vehicle or trailer and may be palletised for ground/air transport. The design is scalable to support payloads ranging from 700 pounds to 10,000 pounds, and identical slew drives in each axis provide hang fire capability with no back driving.

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