Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' Common Data Links (CDL) and Tactical Common Data Links (TCDL) systems cover all bands, X, C, Ku, Ka and Q. Systems can be man-packable, transportable via cases, mounted on trailers, fixed site, roll compensated shipboard or airborne.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has developed a family of portable data link antennas used in real-time relay of information for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes, such as quick-deploy man portable terminals, multi-function shipboard systems and high-mobility trailer mounted surface terminals. 

Cobham TCDL systems can provide Wideband Communications up to 274Mbps. GEN IV's "Floppable" forward and backward compatible architecture provide both Line of Sight (LOS) & Below Line of Sight (BLOS) via X/Ku-band CDL links as well as an additional Ku-band SATCOM link… All from a single aperture 

Custom bands and configurations are also available - contact Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions for any additional needs.

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