Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provides a number of mission-critical and specialized solutions for harsh environments - on land, at sea, in the air, and in space. These solutions include RF, microwave and millimeter wave microelectronic technologies. Our product portfolio is uniquely designed to solve our customers’ design challenges including:

  • Antennas and apertures
  • Transmit/receive modules
  • Digital receivers and exciters
  • Frequency converters, synthesizers and pre-selectors
  • Switch matrices
  • Integrated microwave assemblies
  • Waveguides
  • Cables
  • Rotary joints and motion control solutions

On the digital side, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions offers radiation hardened microelectronics for a variety of high reliability applications on earth and in space.

If you are:

  • Seeking a RF component or complete subsystem,
  • Looking for a solution that may help reduce size, weight and power without a sacrifice in performance,
  • Designing next-generation systems for increased near-peer threats and the emergence of new trends such as hypersonics, 
  • Trying to get more capability and reliability over your product lifecycle...

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has a solution to meet all of your design needs!


Our Capabilities

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